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Many people have an attraction to growing their own food but find themselves hamstrung by a small apartment or by living in a cold climate. Others have small gardens where they grow items like kale and tomatoes, but dream of growing more exotic items that they will actually use.

Even if you have a small space or live in a cold environment you can still grow Citrus Trees like limes and lemons, though you will need to be picky with the variety that you choose. If you are looking to grow lemons, than the place to start is with a Meyer Lemon Tree.

Why Choose an Meyer Lemon Tree?

An Meyer Lemon Tree is a variety of lemon that is sweeter than the typical lemon. It likely has an orange in its family tree but has a predominantly lemon flavor with an extra kick of sweetness.

Meyer lemon trees are small and can be grown inside in a sunny window. They will produce fruits throughout the year but on a three month cycle with the lemon turning yellow as it ripens. 

Tips when Growing an Meyer Lemon Tree

When you are growing an Meyer Lemon Tree it should have sufficient sun, be in soil that allows itself to drain without being bogged down in water, and should be kept in a warm area during the cold months.

In the summer, if you are able to, an Meyer Lemon Tree will benefit from being placed outside where it can get the full benefit of the full sun. Don't pick the fruit early; wait until they are fully red as a Meyer Lemon Tree's fruit will gain its sweetness only when the fruit is fully ripe.

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